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OctupUpdated 4 months ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

With Octup, you can leverage the power of data-driven real-time metrics that you can act on right away. Gain a complete view of all your metrics in one place for a more holistic view of your business. 

After connecting the integration, data from Gorgias is being pulled to Octup. You can use useful metrics such as: 

  • Opened tickets
  • Closed tickets
  • Avg. daily tickets per agent
  • Avg. response time

Last month's data should be pulled instantly, while the rest loads at intervals within 24h.


1. Go to Settings -> App Store -> All Apps.

2. Search for Octup and click on it.

3. Click on the Connect App button.

4. Authorize the app

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