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PerfectBot.AIUpdated 3 months ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

PerfectBot.AI helps hundreds of DTC brands automate their Gorgias tickets, keeping costs low and customers satisfied - connect the app or enter your online store URL at PerfectBot.AI to get a custom demo.

PerfectBot will study your content and Gorgias tickets to learn your brand's voice and policies, then handle conversations in Gorgias chatbox as an agent using GPT.

PerfectBot is the ultimate AI chatbot for Gorgias because:

  • Designed for Gorgias - PerfectBot works in Gorgias app as one of the Agents. The entire conversation is held in the Gorgias Chat widget and you can track the AI bot’s performance in Gorgias Statistics.
  • Learns from Multiple Sources - it's not just your Help Center. To understand your business, PerfectBot digs into your past customer tickets, Shopify product details, policies, and even your blog.
  • Chats Like a Human - PerfectBot can handle questions in a way that feels natural.
  • Easy to Improve - Monitor PerfectBot’s chats in Gorgias tickets and, if you find a ticket where the AI bot could improve, request an update through an internal note.
  • Smart Handover Scenarios - PerfectBot can reassign complicated requests to your human support team. We'll set up handover scenarios for your specific needs.
  • Loved by 100s of DTC brands - Including MrBeast.Store, ManlyBands.com, SkinnyMixes.com, Dermalogica, Larsson & Jennings, and many others.
  • 30-day free trial with full onboarding, then just $99/month - Get PerfectBot at a fraction of the cost of other automation add-ons.

You can Automate 60% of tickets with a great CSAT score as PerfectBot resolves 50-70% of customer issues lets your human agents focus on high-value Chats, and cut first response times to 7 seconds. 

It's also useful for handling spikes in traffic - after holidays or weekends, your agents can focus on current issues instead of digging through old tickets.


1. From your Gorgias account, head to Settings -> App Store -> All Apps and Find PerfectBot.AI on the list.

2. Click on the Connect App button.

3. Authorize the app.

4. Once you successfully install the app, you will be redirected to the preview page. There, you can test the demo version of PerfectBot:

After installing PerfectBot, it takes 2-3 days to train it using your support content and you'll receive confirmation once the training is completed. 

If you don't hear from them, please contact them at [email protected].


Preview and test PerfectBot before launch

To test your AI bot, go to your PerfectBot preview page - you can access it from the Chat conversation tab:

Here are some simple guidelines to effectively test our AI bot:

  • Test it thoroughly using your Help Center questions.
  • Ask questions that are already covered in the Knowledge Base.
  • Feel free to try different question formats, such as long sentences or simple phrases.
Check PerfectBot's guide for detailed instructions on AI bot testing.

Customize handover scenarios

PerfectBot directs more complicated questions to your human support team. By default, the AI bot assigns tickets that need agent assistance to the unassigned pool. However, there are three different possible scenarios for ticket handover.

Check PerfectBot's guide for detailed instructions on different handover scenarios in the AI bot and how to configure them.

Connect PerfectBot to your store

Once the Gorgias PerfectBot widget is properly set up, you can connect it to your integrated store. The easiest and most recommended scenario is to connect the AI bot to your existing Gorgias widget.

With this scenario, PerfectBot will be available for your customers in the current integrated Gorgias widget connected to your store.

To establish the connection, provide us with your preferred Chat ID, and we will connect your bot accordingly. You will find your Chat ID here:

It’s also possible to enable the AI chatbot in a separate Gorgias widget.

Set up Gorgias widget settings

To make the most of the AI chatbot, we recommend adjusting certain Gorgias widget features, such as widget availability, business hours, quick replies, etc. PerfectBot can only become fully operational once you have configured your Chat correctly. 

Check out PerfectBot's guide on setting up the Gorgias widget to configure preferred settings.

Optimize AI chatbot knowledge

Now that your AI bot is live in your Gorgias widget, improving its content is easy - you'll have access to the chatbot's knowledge base, allowing you to edit or add topics as required. By installing the app, we'll also have access to your tickets to analyze them and assist you in optimizing the content based on real conversations.

Check PerfectBot's guide on how to enhance your AI bot's knowledge.

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