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SendlaneUpdated a month ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request. 

Sendlanes unified email, SMS and reviews solution empowers eCommerce brands to consolidate their tech stack and leverage deep-data customer insights to generate more revenue, increase retention, and deliver exceptional customer experiences on autopilot.

With this integration, you can chat with your customers from Gorgias and sync communications with Sendlane SMS replies, without having to switch between applications.

  • Automatically open Gorgias tickets whenever a customer replies to an SMS, unifying your Sendlane SMS conversation to Gorgias to streamline your workflow.
  • Avoid cluttering your Gorgias inbox with our rules-based ticket-opening system. We will not open tickets for opt-in or opt-out words. 


  • From your Gorgias account head to SettingsApp StoreAll Apps.
  • Find Sendlane on the list.
  • After selecting the app, click on the Connect App button.
  • Authorize the app
  • Two HTTP integrations should be created once the setup is complete:
  • You need to be subscribed in order to communicate via SMS with Sendlane.
  • Subscribing is done via SMS campaigns > Text JOIN to the designated number in Sendlane (the subsequent birthdate question is required only for the test account, but it won’t be when the app goes live):
  • The initial message, and the subscriber confirmation message, won’t show in Gorgias. The messages will start appearing when the customer sends their first message after subscribing. This is to prevent message clutter:
  • To unsubscribe - send ‘stop’, and to resubscribe - send ‘start’ or ‘unstop’. The unsubscribe confirmation message won’t show in Gorgias either:
  • Also, when you reply to the customer from Sendlane, your messages won’t appear in Gorgias, only in Sendlane.
  • The Gorgias tickets will be auto-tagged with the ‘Sendlane’ tag, and all related tickets will have the subject line “Sendlane SMS”.
  • The Sendlane<>Gorgias integration only works for SMS!

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