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Shop2appUpdated 2 months ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

Shop2app is Shopify's mobile app platform designed to improve retention - customers are able to better connect with the brand, order more frequently, and manage subscriptions conveniently.

Shop2app is the most comprehensive mobile app builder:

  • Seamless Integration with Zapiet
  • Elegant Subscription Management
  • Personalized Push Notifications

With the Shop2app Gorgias integration, when customers contact you from their mobile app, a ticket gets generated in your Gorgias account. Customers are also able to initiate a support ticket directly from their past orders.


1. Go to Settings -> You -> REST API.

2. Click on Create API Key (unless you already have one).

3. Copy the Base API URL, Username (email) and Password (API Key).

4. Open the Integrations tab in Shop2app and enter the Username, API key and Base URL as copied from Gorgias Settings under Customer Support, then click Activate and Save.

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