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Shopney is a mobile app builder designed to help Shopify and Shopify Plus brands create native iOS and Android mobile apps. The platform enables businesses to design personalized mobile eCommerce stores, increase online traffic, and improve customer retention.

Integration Benefits

The goal of the integration is to allow you to manage all of your mobile app conversations right from within Gorgias - chats your customers started within the Shopney app will create tickets in Gorgias. Once replying to a ticket from Gorgias, the message will be shown in Shopney too, and the email is also sent to the customer.

Setup Instructions

  1. Open your Shopify account and access your Shopney dashboard:
  2. Open the Integrations tab and select 'Gorgias':
  3. In your Gorgias account, access Settings > Rest API:
  4. Copy your Base API URL, Username (email address) and Password (API Key)
  5. Paste your data to Shopney
  6. Enable the app and click 'Save Changes' button

Well done! Shopney integration is now shown under the HTTP integrations page in Gorgias. Once a message is sent in the Shopney app, the ticket will be automatically created in Gorgias too.

Tag 'Shopney-mobile' is automatically added to tickets coming from Shopney so it's super easy to group them in a separate view or create rules!
When you are dealing with mobile app conversations on your Gorgias dashborad, do not use 'SEND & CLOSE' button. This will close the conversation on Shopney's end just after sending the message to the mobile app. In that case, the user will get the push notification about the message but, will not be able to see it. As this scenario is a very unsatisfying dead-end experience for the user, we strongly recommend you avoid it.


  • Shopney mobile app chat does not support document and image share on the conversations. So even if you can send and receive files and images solely on Gorgias, you will not be able to have that functions on Shopney related conversations. When you send a file or image, it will be displayed as non-sense code text.
Please note that this integration was built by our partners and while we do support it, in case any technical issue arises, the wait time might be a bit longer than for a regular support request. Thanks for your understanding!

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