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Sidekick AIUpdated 3 months ago

Sidekick is an AI agent built to hold natural and dynamic conversations with your customers and talk just like a human. Sidekick helps you automate and improve customer service using intelligent AI chatbots on any platform. 

How it works

  • Conversations from Sidekick AI are pulled as tickets to Gorgias
  • You can respond to chat conversations generated through Sidekick directly from Gorgias¬†

Setup instructions

  1. From your Gorgias account head to Settings > App Store > All Apps
  2. Find Sidekick AI 
  3. Once selecting the app, click on Connect App in the top right corner
  4. Authorize the app

Congrats! ūüéČ Your Sidekick AI account is now connected to Gorgias!¬†

Please note that this integration was built by our partners and while we do support it, in case any technical issue arises, the wait time might be a bit longer than for a regular support request. Thanks for your understanding!

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