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SimplesatUpdated 4 months ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

Simplesat is the easiest way to capture CSAT, NPS, and CES customer feedback and sync it back to Gorgias. Embed interactive customer surveys directly in email tickets by adding the survey to CSAT settings, as well as Macros.

  • Pull ticket details - When Simplesat receives new feedback data, it'll trigger a webhook that will look up the related ticket by ID and sync related info to Simplesat.
  • Add an internal note to the ticket in Gorgias after receiving Simplesat feedback - When Simplesat receives new feedback data it'll trigger a webhook which will sync the feedback rating, sentiment, and comment to a ticket as an internal message.
  • Update ticket tags in Gorgias with Simplesat feedback - When Simplesat receives feedback data it'll sync the rating and sentiment to a ticket's Tags. If that's unsuccessful due to the Tags not existing then it'll create the Tags and retry.
  • Update the customer in Gorgias with the latest Simplesat feedback - When a customer leaves new feedback in Simplesat, it'll look up that customer by email and then update that customer's data fields with the related information.


1. Log into your Simplesat account and click the Authenticate button.

2. Add your Gorgias subdomain and click Authenticate.

3. Once you’ve added your subdomain, click the 
Authenticate button again, and you should see the app successfully connected:

4. Click on the drop-down menu below and activate the 
Update customer and the three additional options below that section (Optional):

The integration won’t be visible in Gorgias.

5. To initiate the flow, click New survey.

6. Select the desired metric and configure its settings.

7. Add the name of the survey and click on Publish, then on Integrate with another tool.

8. Find 
Gorgias and select it.

9. Then click on 
Generate embed code and click on it.

10. Click on 
Copy survey and paste it into your CSAT settings in Gorgias.

11. Then return to that same pop-up window and click on 
Link (next to HTML) in the upper right corner, and hyperlink the wording in your CSAT settings.

12. Paste the same link in your Macro as well, by hyperlinking the wording.

13. The recipient will click on the link in their email, choose a response, and optionally add a comment.

14. The surveys will be visible in your Simplesat dashboard, on the right-hand side, and in Gorgias tickets as well, as an internal note only.

15. You can select any survey and amend the rating, which will then change it in the ticket as well and also show it as an internal note.

Ticket Tags are added automatically once the internal note is posted.
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