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Growave is an eCommerce solution providing customer reviews, loyalty points, and wishlists to your clients.

Integration benefits

The integration between Growave and Gorgias will allow you get your customer reviews and questions in your helpdesk. So you can offer your customers quick support and aid with solving their issues from one place. Moreover, you will not miss any questions or negative customer feedback left on your store. You will receive notifications on your Slack channel. So it can greatly improve the process of interaction and communication with your customers.  

How to connect Growave?

The flow templates are fully editable.

Download both flows here -> Export them -> Upload to Shopify Flow app“Someone left a negative review” – flow. All you need is to download the flow file from our platform and add it to your Shopify Flow tasks. A ticket will be automatically created in the Gorgias app if someone leaves a negative review.

“Someone asked a question” – flow. You can easily add this flow file to your Shopify Flow tasks to receive a message when someone asks a question about a product in your Slack channel.

Then you only need to configure settings on the Gorgias side. So, once somebody leaves a bad review or asks a question, it will be sent into Gorgias as a ticket. Also, it’s possible to set it in a way that notifications will be sent into the Slack channel.

It's easy as a pie! :) Contact Growave if you have any further questions or need any assistance.

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