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Trustpilot is an open, online review platform where any consumer with a buying or service experience can review any company, and any company can invite and respond to reviews.

Integration benefits

  • Every new review left in Trustpilot will create a ticket in Gorgias (service and product)
  • See Trustpilot reviews data in customer side-bar
  • Reply to a review directly from Gorgias! (including anonymous reviews)
Every review ticket will automatically be tagged with 'trustpilot-review' tag so it's super easy to group them in a separate view or create rules!

Setup steps

To connect your Trustpilot account to Gorgias please reach out to the Gorgias support team via chat or email us at!

You will receive a link for activating your Gorgias + Trustpilot integration by logging into your TP account.

You can real quick group all of your Trustpilot tickets into a separate view, see the example below👇


  • The data field limit for customer data is 250kB
  • Currently, we are only able to sync a certain number of historical reviews due to the speed/number of the API calls.  Attempts to sync a larger number of historical data will fail.
  • Trustpilots API only enables you to sync back one reply from Gorgias to Trustpilot
  • Trustpilot’s API is such that whenever we retrieve product reviews, Gorgias is unable to filter by date, and will thus retrieve all existing product reviews on each sync
  • The reply functionality of this integration is limited to Trustpilot users who have a paid subscription.
    Only a business (company) needs to have a paid account with Trustpilot - not your customers (the reviewers)! 🙂

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