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What is Late Shipment?

LateShipment is a platform that combines shipping refunds with everything you need to create well-managed, branded delivery experiences despite the odds. LateShipment tracks your packages in transit and gather information around 130 data points to give you real-time visibility.

Integration Benefits

The Gorgias x LateShipment integration will automatically create tickets 24-36 hours prior to a shipment issue that may lead to a customer facing a delayed delivery or package related issue. This allows you to be proactive with your customers which will boost your CSAT scores and drive down ticket resolution time.

About the Integration

This integration enables the widget to load inside Gorgias with contextual information regarding shipments in question.

However please keep in mind that, for the integration to start working, the LateShipment app needs to create a ticket first. And, for that to happen, the user needs to enable this process within the LateShipments account settings.

Here are the setup instructions below:

  • Click on connect Helpdesk in your account and select "Gorgias" from the list.
  • Fetch your "unique url" from Connect Helpdesk >> Gorgias>> Advanced Integration Options.
  • Head over to your Gorgias account and navigate to Settings >> Integrations.
  • Add a HTTP integration.
  • Provide a name for the integration and under Triggers, enable "Ticket Created", "Ticket Updated" and "Ticket Message Created".
  • Paste the unique url from your LateShipment account in the "URL" section.

  • Under HTTP Method, Select "Post"
  • Request content type - application/json
  • Response content type - application/json
  • Under Request Body (JSON), adda jSON template with the following code.
  • {
        "subject": "{{ticket.subject}}"
  • Click on Save Changes to complete the setup.

Once this is complete, you can return to your "Tickets" page and the widget will be visible when a tracking number is available in the body/subject of the ticket for agents to have up-to-date information regarding the shipment in transit.

Expanding the 'Events' tab takes you to a detailed timeline view with all shipment related information and transit updates.

Please note that it's not possible to pull data in retroactively, meaning that the data will show only for the LateShipment tickets that were created after the integration has been set up in Gorgias.

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