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This article covers these topics : 

  1. How to generate Shipup alerts in Gorgias
  2. Receiving feedback in Gorgias
  3. How to integrate Shipup widget in Gorgias

1. How to generate Shipup alerts in Gorgias

Install Gorgias within Shipup. Go here: and follow the instructions

You can get your Gorgias API key here :


Or following the screenshot below

When you have connected your Gorgias app in Shipup, you can set events for which you want to receive an alert in Gorgias. Go in notification settings here:


When you decided to receive an alert in Gorgias don't forget to adapt the alert you set by editing your notification settings. You can change Tags, Ticket subject, Internal notes...

2. Receiving feedback in Gorgias

Go to and set Gorgias as alert channel (1). Do not forget to specify the Gorgias account used (2)


3. How to integrate Shipup widget in Gorgias

1. Use the HTTP integration

Go here : {{yourstore}}

Or follow the instruction below 

2. Set the HTTP integration

1. Set every triggers active (so that the ticket is refreshed as often as possible), as it is, the Gorgias integration is limited because not updated each time the ticket is viewed but only each time it's updated

Tips : Create a macro to auto update the ticket to have up to date delivery status

2. You need to copy-paste the our API URL :[search]={{}}


3. Add click "add a header" and use Authorization as Key


4. Add your Shipup private API key as a value. You can get your Shipup private API key from your General settings here: (you must scroll all the way down)

⚠️ ⚠️ Don't forget to save this by clicking "add integration". You can now configure your widget. 

3. Widget setting recommendation 

What we are looking to achieve, is to get this that popup for every ticket for which we have an email address.


From the ticket view, you need to click ⚙️to edit your widgets on the right panel

In order to add the Data widget from Shipup integration, you need to drag &drop the left 'raw data' panels on the right panel. 


Zooming on the results once done: 



Then, you need to remove the sections that are no added value such as the relationship section.

  • Remove useless fields by clicking the cross ❌
  • And edit section name & link by clicking the little ⚙️

Change "Data (list)" by :

By doing that, it will redirect to Shipup BO. You can also decide to use the {{trackingLink}} variable to redirect to the carrier website


Change "attributes" by :

Here is the results : 


Gorgias does not (yet) update the information provided by the API until the ticket is updated (when you open a ticket without an action, the status displayed by the widget will not be updated in Gorgias).

Temporary solution: send you an internal note to update the ticket so that the ticket can update the order information such as the status of the package.

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