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Benefits of Omnisend

Omnisend is a multi-channel marketing automation platform built for eCommerce.

With the integration, you’ll be able to segment your customers in Omnisend based on customer feedback, assign customer tags in Gorgias and use those tags for Omnisend segmentation, and remove low-scoring customers from campaigns for better engagement.

How to connect Omnisend?

  1. Go to Omnisend
  2. Go to My Account -> Connected Apps
  3. Click on Connect New App
  4. Find Gorgias in the list, and click Connect
  5. Go to Gorgias -> Settings -> REST API and copy your API credentials
  6. Back in Omnisend, copy your API URL, username, and password
  7. Click Connect

You're all set!

**Please note, this integration is available to all customers but will only be supported for Advanced and Enterprise plan customers. While any plan can set up the integration following the instructions,  due to the manual work it requires on our end, if you are on the Basic or Pro plan we will not be able to provide support in setting it up or fixing any issues with it should they arise.

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