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Audit logUpdated 5 days ago

Audit logs show chronological records of events on the account - who did what and when. You can find them under Settings -> Users & Teams -> Audit logs and filter them by team member, event, or time period (the longest being a week).

All events

All events listed will show a time and date when the event occurred, as well as the name of the user that made the event happen. 

If you're seeing No user in the Team Member column, that means that the event was most likely triggered automatically, by a Rule, Macro, or an integration action.

  • Account created  - when your account was created
  • Account updated  - when your account was updated
  • Account deactivated  - when your account was deactivated
  • Customer created - a customer profile was created
  • Customer updated - a customer profile was updated
  • Customer merged - two customer profiles were merged
  • Customer deleted - a customer profile was deleted
  • Integration created - an integration was created
  • Integration updated - an integration was updated
  • Integration deleted - an integration was deleted
  • Macro created - a Macro was created
  • Macro deleted - a Macro was deleted
  • Macro updated - a Macro was updated
  • Rule created - a Rule was created
  • Rule deleted - a Rule was deleted 
  • Rule updated - a Rule was updated
  • Rule suggestion suggested - a Rule suggestion was made in a ticket
  • Tag created - a Tag was created
  • Tag deleted - a Tag was deleted
  • Tag merged - a Tag was merged
  • Team created - a team was created
  • Team deleted - a team was deleted
  • Team updated - a team was updated
  • Ticket assigned - a ticket was assigned to an agent or a team
  • Ticket closed - a ticket was closed (if a ticket is closed multiple times, each of those will create a separate event)
  • Ticket created - a new ticket was created (either by an agent, a customer, or automatically)
  • Ticket customer updated - a customer on a ticket was changed
  • Ticket deleted - a ticket was permanently deleted (will also show the ticket ID that was lost when two tickets get merged)
  • Ticket marked spam - a ticket was marked as Spam and moved to the Spam View
  • Ticket merged - a ticket was merged with another ticket (will show the ticket ID of the ticket that remains active - the ticket ID that got merged into an active ticket will show as deleted)
  • Ticket message deleted, ticket message updated, and ticket message summary created - triggered by API calls
  • Ticket reopened - a ticket was closed and it got reopened (either by a customer's message, a Rule, or manually by an agent)
  • Ticket self unsnoozed - a snoozed ticket was reopened after the snooze delay ended
  • Ticket snoozed - a ticket was snoozed (either by a Rule, Macro, or manually)
  • Ticket subject updated - a subject of a certain ticket was changed
  • Ticket tags added - a Tag was added to a ticket
  • Ticket tags removed - a Tag was removed from a ticket
  • Ticket team assigned - a ticket was assigned to a team
  • Ticket team unassigned - a ticket was unassigned from a team
  • Ticket trashed - a ticket was moved into the Trash View
  • Ticket unassigned - a user was unassigned from a ticket (either manually or by a Rule)
  • Ticket unmarked spam - a ticket was unmarked as spam and moved into a regular View
  • Ticket untrashed - a ticket was moved from the Trash View back into one of the main Views
  • Ticket updated - any action was made on a ticket - adding Tags, closing and opening, new messages, etc.
  • User created - a new user was created
  • User deleted - a user was deleted
  • User invited - an invitation email was sent to one of the users
  • User logged in - a user logged in
  • User logged out - a user logged out
  • User password changed - a password was changed
  • User password reset - a password reset was requested
  • User updated - a user has been updated (changed email, role, name, or availability)
  • View created - a View was created
  • View deleted - a View was deleted
  • View updated - a View was updated
  • Widget created - a widget was created
  • Widget deleted - a widget was deleted
  • Widget updated - a widget was updated
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