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Get an overview of your Support Team's performance. Our Statistics section is fully customizable and you can view performance per agent, channel and/or tag for the selected time frame.



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Statistics 101

Use the Statistics section in your Gorgias helpdesk to check on your team's productivity and efficiency. It can also help you hone in on some inefficiencies. If you are utilizing tags and macros, it's a great way to get a holistic view of what issues


You can customize the data in Statistics with filters, by selecting options from the drop-down menus. The number of filters available will change depending on the page you are viewing. The integration allows segmentation by integration eg. Facebook f

Audit log

Audit logs is, in general, a document that records all events in the information technology system. In the sense of customer support, it is a chronological set of records that provides documentary evidence of activities that have been undertaken by s

Revenue statistics

Revenue statistics allow you to measure how much money your support team is generating by helping customers through the purchasing journey.Please note that this feature is only available for Shopify stores on Gorgias Pro and higher plans.Integration

Self-service statistics

The Self-Service Statistics Page is part of the Automation add-on. You are now able to measure the full impact of self-service.To get access to this feature, please enable your Automation add-on first by navigating to Settings → Automation → Self-ser


SentiSum is an automated ticket tagging engine, powered by natural language processing technology, where you can easily do root cause analytics and stay on top of the 'reason for contact' trends.Integration benefitsThe way the integration actually wo