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BrevyUpdated 2 months ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

Brevy is an AI-driven alternative to customer support outsourcing - you can automate your customer support emails end-to-end with Brevy’s engineered blend of e-commerce-trained AI models and human support. Answer your tickets with quality responses quicker and cheaper than traditional BPOs while also being able to scale as necessary.

  • Brevy integrates deeply with e-commerce tools to provide personalized answers to your customers, like Shopify, ShipFusion, Smartrr, Aftership, and Stripe.
  • Their AI models are trained specifically for retail inquiries. This includes shipping and fulfillment, subscriptions, product questions, and more.
  • Scale your support as necessary during peak sessions. Within one week's notice, you can double or even triple your team's bandwidth
Only one Gorgias account can be connected to each Brevy account.


1. Ensure you have an agent created in your Gorgias account for [email protected].

2. Navigate to Settings -> App Store -> All Apps.

3. Find Brevy on the list and click it. 

4. Click on Connect App.

5. Authorize the app.

6. Log in to Brevy.

7. Click on the cog icon, then navigate to the Integrations page, and select Gorgias:

8. Enter your Gorgias subdomain.
9. Authorize the app to finish the setup.

10. You'll find 2 HTTP integrations created under Settings -> App Store -> HTTP Integration -> Manage.
11. Ensure your sender email is set up under Brevy -> Settings/Gorgias for the Brevy AI to send from. Click on List of available emails to view emails you can assign to the Brevy AI:

When a customer reaches out with a question concerning a response available in Brevy, an internal note will be created and the ticket will be auto-tagged based on the topic.

Due to the language model’s API speed, and several quality assurance checks in Brevy, the internal note takes 2-3 minutes to generate.

Once the internal note is created, you can choose to edit or send the auto-created Macro associated with the question in the ticket.

During the first few weeks of being onboarded to the platform, you'll be able to edit or send the generated responses as you wish. Once onboarding is complete you'll be able to turn on a setting that allows the Brevy app to send responses automatically.

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