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FiltersUpdated 5 days ago

You can customize the data in Statistics with filters by selecting options from the drop-down menus. The number of filters available will change depending on the page you're viewing.


The integration allows segmentation by integration like Facebook for brand A, Facebook for brand B, email for brand A, etc. This is similar to the channel filter but gives greater control as each integration can be selected.


The channel allows segmentation by channel like Email, Facebook, Chat, etc. This is similar to the integration filter but is broader as it includes all integrations for each channel.


The agent/teams allow segmentation by agent and/or team. When a team is selected, all agents within that team will be selected automatically. Additional agents can be added or original agents deselected if you wish.


The tags filter allows for segmentation by Tag and uses an OR logic - when 2 Tags are selected, the data will include tickets that contain either Tag, not tickets that contain both.

Date range

The date range filter allows for segmentation by date. This will return results where the event occurs within the set range.


If you only want to see data for one specific agent, you can select that agent using the Agents filter. If you wanted to see all Facebook Messenger inquiries that were tagged with Cancel Order, you'd select Facebook Messenger from the Channel filter and Cancel Order from the Tags filter.

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