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Gorgias AcademyUpdated 3 months ago

The Gorgias Academy is a learning center for those wishing to become support experts. It contains free courses and certifications that can be taken by anyone with a Gorgias account.

You can access the Gorgias Academy any time from your helpdesk by clicking on your name in the bottom left, then choosing Learn -> Gorgias Academy or simply click the button below.

Visit the Academy


Certifications are courses that also contain knowledge check questions. Once you've completed a certification course, our team will individually grade your answers. If you've passed with a mark of 80% or more you'll be issued with a digital certificate of competency.

This is sent by email and can be posted directly to LinkedIn or printed and included in your CV.

Logging in

Gorias Academy is separate from your Gorgias account. This means the first time you visit Gorgias Academy you'll need to create a login, even if you already have a login to a Gorgias account.

First-time learner

1. Visit the registration page.
2. Enter your full name and email.
3. Click Register - an email will be sent to you with a magic link.

4. Click the link - this will open the Gorgias Academy. 
5. Create a profile and it will log you in automatically.

Returning learner

1. Visit the login page.
2. Enter your email address.
3. Click Login - an email will be sent to you with a magic link.

4. Click the link - this will open the Gorgias Academy and log you in automatically. 


How can I join Gorgias Academy?

Simply click here and enter your name/email address to register. You'll be sent an email with a magic link and, when you click it, you'll be automatically logged in.

I can't log in - it says 'no user found with that email'.

This happens when you're trying to log in as a returning learner but don't have a profile in Gorgias Academy yet.

To resolve this, please click the link that says Don't have an account? Create one now. and follow the prompts.

I can't log in - it says 'email is already in use'.

This happens when you're trying to create a login as a new leaner, but already have a profile in Gorgias Academy.

To resolve this, please click the link that says Click here to login instead and follow the prompts.

To resend the login link, please visit the login page and enter your email address again.

I have tried to register/log in but the email never arrived. What should I do?

1. Please check your Spam/Junk folder. The email will be called "Your Gorgias Academy Login Code".
2. Try to log in/register again making sure the email address is spelled correctly.
3. Contact the Gorgias Academy admin via Chat (in the Academy) or contact our support team via Chat or email them at [email protected].

I failed a certification. Can I retake it?

Of course - please reply to the failed certification email and we'll reassign the course.

When courses are reassigned, your original progress will be lost and you'll be required to answer all knowledge check questions again.

Is Gorgias Academy free?

Yes, we want you to get the most out of our platform which is why you can take courses, get certified, and access learning material any time completely for free.

I'm only trialing/not yet a Gorgias customer. Can I join?

Absolutely - we welcome anyone interested in learning more about customer support to join.

I need to be Gorgias certified for my job. How can I do this?

Both Basic Agent and Lead Agent certification courses are free and can be completed in 30-45 minutes. These include knowledge check questions/quizzes. 

If you score a passing grade for these questions, you'll be emailed an official Gorgias Academy certificate. Each certificate includes your name, completion date, and unique certificate ID as well as a public shareable link, and can be published to Linkedin or downloaded.

How do I publish my certification on LinkedIn?

To publish your achievement to LinkedIn, simply click the Add to LinkedIn button on your digital certificate.

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