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Gorgias botUpdated 8 months ago

When a reply to a customer is not made by an agent through Gorgias, the sender of the message in Gorgias will be Gorgias Bot.

This happens in two cases:

When a reply is made via a Rule

When a rule that sends an automatic reply to a customer is triggered, that reply will show as sent by Gorgias Bot in your ticket along with the explanation that is it sent via a rule.

When a reply is made through a third-party application (FB, Gmail, etc.)

If you're replying to a customer directly from the application that they messaged you on, for example Facebook Messenger, your reply will show in the ticket as sent by Gorgias Bot.

Please note that the customer will still see the message as sent by the correct support account.

Gorgias Bot will NOT show as a sender to the end-user.

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