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The Gorgias Homepage is our merchant hub, aimed at helping you stay updated on new Gorgias features and giving you actionable tips on how to better use the platform. 

It contains a high-level overview of your Gorgias metrics and takes into account profile-specific information to come up with tailored recommendations on how to better use the helpdesk and our features to ultimately drive better outcomes for your customers.

Your Homepage is also your one-stop-shop to find useful links to various Gorgias resources, including Gorgias Academy, our Blog, Product Roadmap, and more.

Accessing your Homepage

The Homepage can easily be accessed from the navigation bar on the left-hand side by clicking on the Home icon.

Sections of the Homepage

Support Performance Score

We've created a metric called Support Performance to measure the quality of the support of our merchants - you’ll find your Score in the top right-hand corner of your Homepage.

The metric levels range from 1 (Getting Started) to 5 (Exceptional Support).

We use your First Response Time and Resolution Time in the last 30 days to determine your current support level. You need to meet both thresholds to get to a certain level.

High-Level Metrics and Benchmarks

Keep tabs on your high-level statistics and how you compare to your industry with the four cards towards the top of the page. You can see the 30-day rolling average of your high-level metrics:

  • First Response Time
  • Resolution Time
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Automation Rate from Automate

You can also compare your performances to the standards of other Gorgias brands in your industry. These benchmarks are shown on the card, underneath your main metric.

Right under that you have the Recommended Next Steps section that offers some tips on how to improve your score, depending on the setup of your account.


Under the Recommended next steps, you'll find some buttons leading you to some resources:

  • The Community where you can ask questions and consult with other merchants using Gorgias.
  • The product Roadmap where you can leave feedback regarding our features and see what we're working on next - you can even vote to prioritize certain updates.
  • The Help Center where you can find a bunch of articles on the helpdesk and our various features and integrations.
  • The partner offers portal where you can find the right tech tools & agency services to support your needs and growth goals!

Side widgets

On the right side of your Homepage, you'll see a list of widgets for easy access to things like Consultation calls, the Gorgias Academy, Webinars, and referrals. 

What's new for you

Here you'll find some recommended blog posts you can check out that cover everything from Gorgias-specific to market-wide topics.

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