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Instagram MentionsUpdated 10 months ago

You can now get your Instagram page customer's mentions into Gorgias!

How it works

Every time when some of your customers mention you on Instagram, Gorgias will create a ticket for you to handle this interaction without leaving the helpdesk.

Setup instructions

To activate this feature, simply go to the settings page of your Facebook integration and check the box that says 'Enable Instagram mentions' as shown on the screenshot below:

Gorgias will then create a ticket for every new mention of your page in posts, comments & replies, and will update the mention ticket with each new reply in the Instagram thread.

Please note that, in order to have existing tickets for mentions be updated with the new replies, the replies have to specifically contain the '@ mention' as well.

Supported use cases

Post: Media description mention
  • Every time someone creates an Instagram media and they mention the page in the description, we are creating a ticket for that media.
  • When answering for the first time to the ticket a new Instagram comment will be created on that media and after that, the conversation will carry on by replying to the newly created comment.

Comment: Top-level comment mention
  • Every time someone mentions the page in a top-level comment on a media that is not your own page's post, Gorgias creates a ticket that contains the media and the top-level comment.
  • Replying works just like a regular reply to an Instagram comment.

Replies: Reply mention
  • Every time someone mentions the page in a reply to a top-level comment on an Instagram media that is not your own page's post, we create a ticket that contains the media, the top-level comment on the mentioned reply and all of the replies to that top-level comment. We add all the replies because we are not going to receive any notifications from Instagram for the non-mentioned replies in that thread.
  • Replying works just like a regular reply to an Instagram comment.


  • The Instagram API presents some known limitations, which means that comments on photos that your account (page) was tagged on won't be pulled into Gorgias for now.
  • Tickets will not be created if the media that the comment or mention appears on was created by an account that is set to private and that you are not following. In other words, if the content is private, mentions coming from this account will not show up in your Gorgias.
  • For reply mentions, we import the media's description + the picture, the top-level comment with the mention and all top-level comment's replies, but because of some Instagram API limitations we are doing that only if the reply mention is in the latest 25 comments of the media and in the latest 25 replies to the top-level comment. For those that are not within this limit we will be only be importing the media's description + the picture and the reply itself, without the top-level and other replies, creating a ticket for each mentioned reply.
  • If a comment is deleted via Instagram directly, the Gorgias ticket won't be updated by that action.

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