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KonnektiveUpdated 2 months ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

Konnektive is a cloud-based CRM and order management solution that helps optimize, centralize, and automate e-commerce business processes. Display customers and their order information next to tickets and update information tied to a customer and their orders using Macros.


Connect the integration

1. Go to Settings -> You -> REST API, and copy the credentials provided on this page.

2. Go to Admin -> Plugins -> Data -> Sources and click on the +Activate button on the Gorgias tile.

3. Enter the credentials you gathered from Step 1 in their corresponding field:

  • baseUrl: your Gorgias Base API Url used to make requests to Gorgias’ API.
  • userName: your Gorgias REST API username as it shows in Gorgias.
  • apiKey: your Gorgias API key (required)
  • IntegrationId: read-only value that represents the ID of the Gorgias integration.

4. Once the plugin is activated, you should see a new HTTP Integration named Konnektive under Settings -> App Store -> HTTP Integration -> Manage

Also, you'll find a few Macros for you to use with this integration under Settings -> Productivity -> Macros - a total of 10 Macros will be created:

  • Konnektive Refund Macro: Allows your Chat agents to issue a refund for a particular order. Can choose between full and partial refunds.
  • Konnektive Shipping Address Change Macro: Allows your agents to change shipping address details tied to an order.
  • Konnektive Billing Address Change Macro: Allows your agents to change billing address details tied to an order
  • Konnektive Cancel Order Macro: Allows your agents to cancel an order. Can issue full refunds.
  • Konnektive Customer Note Macro: Allows your agents to add a note to a customer record in the CRM.
  • Konnektive Customer Update Macro: Allows your agents to update info on a CRM customer record.
  • Konnektive Cancel Purchase Macro: Allows your agents to cancel a CRM Purchase.
  • Konnektive Pause Purchase Macro: Allows your agents to pause a CRM Purchase.
  • Konnektive Refund Purchase Macro: Allows your agents to refund a CRM Purchase.
  • Konnektive Update Purchase Macro: Allows your agents to update a CRM Purchase.

The Konnektive Integration pulls orders from the CRM based on the email address used in the ticket. If the customer exists, the widget on the right will populate with the customer’s order data.

If the Customer ID is needed when applying one of the Macros, copy it from the Konnetive widget inside the ticket.

Test the integration 

To verify the integration is pulling customer data properly follow these steps:

1. On your Konnektive dashboard find one customer example and copy their email address.

2. Open Gorgias and create a test ticket for that customer (You can create a new ticket with an internal note or update the existing one).

3. Check if the Konnektive widget populated on your right-hand side in the customer's sidebar.

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