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Medallia (Stella Connect)Updated 4 months ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

Medallia Agent Connect connects customer feedback, quality assurance, and coaching, giving CX leaders visibility into service and performance, and driving the improvement of frontline teams.

It lets you unlock the full potential of your frontline team with real-time customer feedback, QA, and coaching. With Medallia Agent Connect, you can capture agent-level performance insights and use them to:

  • Gain visibility into service performance
  • Streamline and enhance your QA process
  • Deliver in-the-moment coaching
  • Scale your team more cost-effectively
  • Drive sales and retention
  • Power incentive and reward programs
  • Run high-impact service recovery programs
Check out this article on their website as well for more details.

Our integration enables you to:

  • Set predefined rules to automatically send feedback requests after tickets are solved.
  • Include Tags from Gorgias in Medallia Agent Connect to enrich the feedback you get.
  • Link customer feedback within Medallia Agent directly to Gorgias tickets for deeper, more actionable context.
  • Create a service recovery workflow to make things right with customers after subpar service interactions.
  • Import Gorgias tickets into Medallia Agent Connect to launch QA reviews off of customer interactions.


1. Go to Settings -> App Store -> HTTP Integration.

2. Click on Add HTTP Integration.

3. Add the following information:

TriggersTicket Updated only
URL: https://api.stellaconnect.net/v1/webhooks/gorgias

Request content-type: application/json
Headers: add x-api-key with the value of the Stella API key, test or live
Request Body: JSON Template

2    "channel": "{{ticket.channel}}",
3    "meta": "{{ticket.meta}}",
4    "ext_interaction_id": "{{ticket.id}}",
5    "customer_custom_id": "{{ticket.customer.id}}",
6    "employee_email": "{{ticket.assignee_user.email}}",
7    "customer_name": "{{ticket.customer.name}}",
8    "status": "{{ticket.status}}",
9    "language": "{{ticket.language}}",
10    "tags": "{{ticket.tags}}",
11    "customer_email": "{{ticket.customer.email}}"

4. Create the stellaconnect-service-recovery and stellaconnect-do-not-send Tags under Settings -> Productivity -> Tags.

5. Go to Settings -> You -> REST API.

6. Click Create API Key and copy the key.

7. In Medallia Agent Connect (Internal), in admin, go to Integrations -> Integrations.

8. Select the company and input Gorgias as the integration name.

9. Add the following JSON to the configuration:

1{"api_key":"XXX","username":"EMAIL FOR API KEY","subdomain":"XXX"}

Medallia Agent Connect (Internal Service Recovery) is triggered via a webhook, wrapped in any conditions as desired:

1{% include_request 'gorgias_recovery_ticket' %}

For example: 

1{% if feedback.star_rating > 0 and feedback.star_rating <= 3 and feedback.comments %}
2   {% include_request 'gorgias_recovery_ticket' %}
3{% endif %}
Please just keep in mind that snoozed tickets in Gorgias will show as closed on Stella's end.
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