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Shopify HydrogenUpdated 3 months ago

Shopify Hydrogen is a set of developer tools used to build Shopify stores that are more personalized and performant. The goal of the framework is to help you, and your developers, build unique custom storefronts faster!

How it works

By connecting Gorgias and Shopify Hydrogen, you'll be able to install the Gorgias chat widget on your store in no-time and leverage support inquiries into sales, manage your customer interactions via a live chat and automate responses to frequent requests.

Setup instructions

Before we begin, please make sure that you or your team know how to update your custom storefront to add a custom script.

1. Please connect your Shopify to Gorgias. Go to https://apps.shopify.com/helpdesk and you'll be presented with the page below:

2. Click “Add App”.

3. Follow the steps to authorize and connect the app. 

4. Log into your Gorgias account.

Your store is now connected to your Shopify back-end and all customers and orders are synced with Gorgias! More detail on how to get started with the Shopify integration with Gorgias here.

You are now ready to add Gorgias live chat to your Hydrogen storefront.

1. From your Gorgias dashboard, click SettingsIntegrationsChat.

2. Click “Add Chat” on the Chat integration page.

Important: in “Where will you use this chat?*”, select “Any other website” (the Shopify install will only work for regular Shopify online stores). 

3. Customize your chat, and then click “Add New Chat”.

4. You will be redirected to the “Installation” tab. Copy your embed code from “Custom Installation”.

5. Add the embed code to your preferred location on your custom storefront. 

You can now run chat campaigns, capture emails, show FAQ articles, and chat in real-time with shoppers directly from your Hydrogen storefront. 🙌

You can customize your Gorgias Chat widget even further using our Chat Javascript API. 

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