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SLA PoliciesUpdated 24 days ago

Service Level Agreement (SLA) consists of pre-defined rules and conditions designed to ensure timely and efficient customer support within specific time frames. These policies help with managing and measuring Support Team's performance.

In your Gorgias helpdesk you can gain insights into team performance, set targets to drive productivity, and, at the same time, enhance customer satisfaction through consistent customer experience.

Once your SLA policies are set up, you can track adherence to it through SLAs Report.


SLA policies can be set up only by Admins and Lead Agents. Before setting the policies, we recommend checking out best practices.

1. Go to Settings -> Productivity -> SLAs

2. Click on Create SLA button in the top right corner. You can also use one of our pre-made policies for Email, Chat, and Social media tickets by clicking on Create From Template button.

3. Add a user-friendly SLA name (for example, VIP support email)

4. From the drop-down menu select channels that the SLA should apply to

5. Define First Response Time; if you want to define it, for example, as 2 hours and 30 minutes simply recalculate in minutes (2x60 minutes + 30 minutes = 150 minutes)

6. Define Resolution Time; it needs to be higher than the FRT set in the previous step

7. Make sure the Enable SLA is toggled on and click on Save changes

Rules that apply to SLA policies

  • New or modified policies apply only to future tickets while existing SLA reports (for the previous timeframes) remain unaffected by policy changes.
  • SLA policy applies only when the ticket is created, not afterward.
  • Account policies apply to new tickets in the order they are listed in Settings. The order can be changed by dragging the policies up or down.
  • The values entered in the policy can't be lower than 1 minute and higher than 14 days.


Is it possible to define just one SLA (only FRT or only RT)?

Yes, simply delete the number for the SLA metric you don’t want to set.

Do SLAs pause outside of business hours?

No, but you can use a workaround. First, set a rule that auto-tags your new tickets based on the time they are created - during or outside business hours. After that, set up your "during business hours" SLA policy. Then, in the report, you can use the "tag" filter to select only the tickets created during business hours.

What if a ticket matches multiple policies?

Each ticket can only be assigned to one SLA Policy. Whichever SLA first matches the ticket will be the SLA that gets assigned to that ticket. The SLA order will be determined by the order in which the SLAs appear in the settings page.

What happens when tickets are merged?

When tickets are merged, the ticket that keeps the URL (target ticket) will retain SLAs; the ticket that lost the ID (source ticket) will be marked as deleted.

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