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Stay AI (Retextion)Updated 3 months ago

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request.

Stay AI is a Shopify app that helps you manage your subscription programs, as well as a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool built to increase LTV (lifetime value).

The Stay AI and Gorgias integration allows you to manage all of your CX tickets directly in Gorgias. Whenever a shopper opens a new ticket, a ticket will open in Gorgias, though you'll also be able to view that thread of messages in Stay AI’s Customer Conversations tab. 

Customers can start a ticket in Gorgias, and CX managers can immediately cancel, pause, skip the next order, or reactivate the subscription directly from within the helpdesk.

Communication is done via email, even though customers send SMS messages, so it works as a standard SMS integration - it sends an SMS message on top of the Gorgias email integration. 

So, communication in the tickets is done traditionally through email, but we listen for messages being added to the tickets, and when the message is from the Gorgias account to the user, a text message is also sent out for seamless SMS texting in the ticket.


Connect the integration

1. Go to Settings -> App Store -> All Apps.

2. Search for Stay Ai and click it.

3. Click Connect your Stay Ai Account and you'll be taken to the Gorgias admin view of the App Store.

4. Search for Stay Ai again.

5. Ensure you're logged in to Stay and Install the app.

Test the integration

1. Opt-in to subscription management via SMS through your customer portal - you should receive an opt-in message and a welcome message.

2. Reply "Menu".

3. When prompted with menu options, reply with the option to speak to a human.

4. Log in to your Gorgias account to confirm whether a ticket has been created.

Depending on what you do:

  • If you Cancel the subscription, it should reflect as canceled within Stay and Shopify.
  • If you Pause the subscription, it should open the subscription view in Stay where you can pause it.
  • If you Skip Next Order, it should reflect the updated next shipment date in Stay.
  • If you Reactivate the subscription, it should reflect as active within Stay and Shopify.
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