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29 Next

29 Next gives e-commerce operators the tools to unlock profitable growth, with fully customizable marketing funnels, checkouts, and upsell paths. Boost conversion rates, increase AOV, and build long-lasting, personalized customer relationships. With


ARPU helps Recharge merchants enhance their upcoming order email notifications. With it, you can create custom email campaigns, add 2-click upsells to increase Average Order Value (AOV), add product swaps, and simplify the charge delay process. 1. Go

Loop Subscriptions

Loop is a subscription management platform for Shopify brands that reduces the resolution time of subscription tickets by 40%- it’s a powerful subscription program designed to convert your existing customers into subscribers and reduce subscription c


Recharge is a recurring payment app for Shopify. Managing customer subscriptions has never been so simple!How it worksDisplay Recharge subscriptions next to support ticketsActions: cancel / re-activate subscriptions, refund (partially or totally) a c


With Skio you can easily migrate, increase conversions, and reduce customer tickets by 60% with passwordless login. It has a ready-to-go headless subscription portal (uses React/Next.js), and you can edit subscriptions 10x faster (intuitive, instant


Smartrr delivers a seamless, full-service subscription solution for growing D-to-C brands!How it worksThrough the Gorgias integration with Smartrr, you have access to:Equip your team with the best customer service tools in one convenient location to

Stay AI (Retextion)

Stay AI is a Shopify app that helps you manage your subscription programs, as well as a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool built to increase LTV (lifetime value). The Stay AI and Gorgias integration allows you to manage all of your CX tickets directl

Utterbond Subscriptions

This integration was built by our partners and the wait time in case of any technical issues might be a bit longer than for a regular support request. Utterbond Subscriptions is a comprehensive subscription management app for Shopify, empowering merc