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Voice Add-on pricingUpdated a month ago

Voice add-on subscription plans are billed monthly or yearly - you'll be charged for these at the beginning of your billing cycle, while any overages will be billed at the end of the billing cycle.

Monthly Plans

Plan NameMonthly costTickets per month$/ticket$/overage ticket
Voice 01$3025$1.20$2.20
Voice 02$9075$1.20$2.00
Voice 03$135150$0.90$1.80
Voice 04$175250$0.70$1.40
Voice 05$250500$0.50$1.00
Voice 06$4001,000$0.40$0.80

Yearly Plans

Plan NameYearly costTickets per year$/ticket$/overage ticket
Voice 01$300300$1.00$2.20
Voice 02$900900$1.00$2.00
Voice 03$1,3501,800$0.75$1.80
Voice 04$1,7503,000$0.58$1.40
Voice 05$2,5006,000$0.42$1.00
Voice 06$4,00012,000$0.33$0.80

If you have any questions related to Voice billing, take a look at the video below or send us an email at [email protected].

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