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WhatsApp Phone Number MigrationUpdated 2 months ago

You can migrate your WhatsApp phone number from other BSPs through the Gorgias Migration Wizard.

Before you start

To determine whether you should migrate your phone number or simply connect it to Gorgias instead please check the following:

1. Is this number currently connected to WhatsApp Business or a WhatsApp account?
If the answer is no, there's no need to migrate - use the Connect WhatsApp Business button.

2. Is this number currently connected to WhatsApp via the native WhatsApp mobile or desktop app? 

  • If the answer is yes - delete the number from the app and use the Connect WhatsApp Business button.
  • If the answer is no - proceed with the instructions below on how to migrate your number from another provider. 
Don't disconnect your phone number from your existing provider before starting - you'll retain the following data from your old WhatsApp provider if you have it: verification tick, message templates, quality rating, and messaging limits.


1. Go to Settings -> App Store -> All Apps -> WhatsApp.

2. Click Migrate From Another Provider.

3. Disable 2FA in the WABA settings with your old provider.

3. Create a WABA account and connect a temporary number.

You must create a WABA (WhatsApp Business Account) integration through our Sign-up flow. If you've never created a WABA through Gorgias, you'll need to create an integration and connect any unused number that isn't the same as the number you want to migrate (the temporary number can be deleted after the migration is over).

If you've already connected your WABA account with Gorgias, you can skip this step.

4. Fill in the Migration Form and fill in the WhatsApp Business Account ID for the temporary number you just created.

To find the ID, go to this page and find the WABA account you connected to Gorgias.

5. After you've added the WABA ID, fill out the number that you wish to migrate into the field below. 

6. Select a method of verification, and click on Next. It can take up to 5 minutes for the verification code to arrive - after you receive it, add it to the designated field.

7. Click Verify and the setup will be completed.

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