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WhatsApp 101

The Gorgias integration with WhatsApp allows you to manage WhatsApp messages as tickets, review and respond to them directly from your helpdesk, and link customer profiles for personalized support. The integration allows you to answer inbound custome

WhatsApp FAQs

Yes, WhatsApp is free for Gorgias customers - WhatsApp tickets will be handled like all other helpdesk billable tickets and count toward the same total. Usage costs are incurred through WhatsApp, but Gorgias is paying for them right now. As we add ne

WhatsApp Message Templates

Message Templates are specific message formats businesses can use to send out notifications or customer care messages via WhatsApp - they can be sent outside of the 24-hour conversation window, allowing you to start new conversations or follow up wit

WhatsApp Phone Number Migration

You can migrate your WhatsApp phone number from other BSPs through the Gorgias Migration Wizard. To determine whether you should migrate your phone number or simply connect it to Gorgias instead please check the following:. 1. Is this number currentl

WhatsApp Template Quality Rating

WhatsApp is implementing strict quality monitoring of WhatsApp templates - the quality score now includes read rates as the key factor, in addition to traditional metrics like blocks and reports. This process aims to improve engagement, and ultimatel