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About Delighted

Delighted empowers teams to gather real feedback from customers in minutes, not weeks. No technical knowledge required. Collect industry leading metrics (NPS, CSAT, CES, and others) and meet customers where they are using Delighted’s collection of distribution methods (Email, Web, SMS, and more).

Integration summary

Delighted’s easy-to-use CX platform allows teams to start capturing feedback quickly, share the results automatically, and build a company culture based around the voice of customers. What can you expect with Delighted?

  • Launch surveys in minutes
  • Customizable and user-friendly - no tech knowledge required
  • Built-in survey best practices for maximizing response rates
  • Smarter insights and automation powered by Delighted AI
  • Real-time dashboard for CX oversight
  • White glove service from your customer Concierge
  • Industry-leading CX practices backed by Qualtrics

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How it works

Our integration enables you to:

  • Automatically distribute Delighted feedback requests after tickets are updated 
    Please note that the surveys are programmed to be sent from Delighted after 24 hours from time the ticket is updated in Gorgias. If you wish to adjust the time frame after which surveys trigger, please follow this guide until step 6.10 and adjust JSON code! 👇

Delighted integration setup/configuration

1) Encode your API key

  • Grab your API key in Delighted
  • Go to
  • Input your API key in the top field
  • Click Base64 encode
  • Take the output and add the word “Basic” to the start. Should look similar to: “Basic ABCo23434fjewf9iw”
  • Save this - you’ll need it for later!

2) Open the Profile View in Gorgias

3) Click on Integrations

4) Select HTTP

5) Click on “Add HTTP Integration”

6) Input HTTP Details

  1. Integration name: Delighted Survey Trigger
  2. Description: Triggering Delighted surveys
  3. Triggers: Ticket updated
  4. URL:
  5. HTTP Method: POST
  6. Request content type: application/json
  7. Response content type: application/json
  8. Headers:
    1. Click + Add Header
    2. Input Authorization in the left-hand field
    3. Input your code from Step 1 above (from the encoder) in the right-hand field
  9. Request Body, JSON Template (copy/paste)


"name": "{{}}",

"email": "{{}}",

"delay": "86400",

"properties": {

"Ticket ID": "{{}}",

"Customer ID": "{{}}",

"Ticket Tags": "{{ticket.tags}}",

"Assignee Name": "{{}}",

"Assignee Email": "{{}}",

"Ticket Channel": "{{}}",

"Ticket Subject": "{{ticket.subject}}",

"Ticket Created Time": "{{ticket.created_datetime}}"



In JSON body, it is hardcoded that the surveys are sent after 24 hours from the time ticket was updated in Gorgias, under the line - "delay": "86400". This value is shown in seconds, and if you wish to adjust this time frame, please edit this line in JSON!
e.g. "delay": "172800" - survey will trigger after 48 hours

7) Save changes

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