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Recharge is a recurring payment app for Shopify. Managing customer subscriptions has never been so simple.

Connect Recharge to your Gorgias account

Integration benefits

  • Display Recharge subscriptions next to support tickets
  • Actions: cancel / re-activate subscriptions, skip / un-skip an order, refund (partially or totally) a charge
  • No need to switch to Recharge to cancel the customer’s subscription, do it whilst addressing the customer’s request.

Setup instructions

To connect your Recharge account to Gorgias:

  1. Go to your Gorgias account
  2. Go to Integrations
  3. Select Recharge
  4. Click Add recharge
  5. Allow Gorgias to access your Recharge account

You're done! Now, subscriptions are displayed next to support tickets, and you can edit them in one click. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. When I click on the customer's name under the Recharge sidebar it is not taking me to customer's Recharge profile.
    Once clicking on the customer's name in Gorgias the link we are trying to open is If you are getting an error message when trying to access the page, most likely the issue is due to the Recharge setup.
    In Shopify configuration for your Recharge app, there are some configs for the customer portal and the URL it is generating might be wrong. So, if you are able to change them - just go to the admin panel and update the portal URL. Here you can look through some docs ReCharge provides about the customer portal.

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