Audit logs

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What is the Audit logs section used for?

Audit logs is, in general, a document that records an event in the information technology system. In the sense of customer support, it is a chronological set of records that provides documentary evidence of activities that have been undertaken by support agents.

 Audit Log tracks change even by multiple admins and record what action was performed, so you are always informed what happens within your team and what is the exact workflow for each ticket.

How is it organized?

In Gorgias, Audit Logs is under Settings > Users and teams. It could be filtered out by Agent, Object, Event, or period of time.

The longest period of time you can pull it for is a week.


 Here you can see options that are enabled in All objects drop-down.

All events menu provides "created", "updated" or "deleted" option for all the points from All objects menu.

Receiving notifications when an order is canceled and refunded will be soon enabled in Audit log section.

This section in Gorgias is still under development, so all the updates will be added here accordingly.

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