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Aircall allows you to receive and place phone calls. You can connect it to Gorgias to sync phone calls as tickets, and see them in the customer timeline. 

Integration benefits

Here are the benefits of this new integration:

  • When a customer calls your company in Aircall, it creates a ticket in Gorgias and automatically matches it with the corresponding Shopify customer. This way, your staff can edit orders while they are on the phone with the customer.
  • Your team sees all previous interactions they had with each customer, under their timeline.
  • Get omni-channel statistics. Gorgias stats include Aircall phone data. For instance, you can monitor if you're getting more return requests over the phone or through Facebook Messenger.
When it comes to merging Aircall tickets, you can merge two tickets from the same customer, also merge Aircall and email tickets from the same customer!

Connecting Aircall to Gorgias

Please follow these steps if you want to create tickets on your Gorgias account for every call answered or launched from your Aircall account.

  1. On your Gorgias account, go to Integrations
  2. Click on Aircall
  3. Click Connect Aircall
  4. Copy the webhook URL from the page
  5. Add a Webhook integration in your Aircall account, under integrations
  6. Paste the webhook url in the url field, and save

Tada! Now, when there's a new call on Aircall, it will create a ticket in Gorgias. If you're using Shopify, we'll match people you call with Shopify customers. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are voicemails also pulled to Gorgias?
    Yes! We are as well pulling the Aircall voicemails into Gorgias as tickets. For easier management, you can auto-tag voicemail tickets and place them in a separate view.
  1. Are Aircall tickets going toward the billable ticket count?
    No :) Aircall tickets are not considered as billable unless you continue the thread via email.
  2. How can we integrate multiple Aircall numbers?
    The integration should be created automatically in Gorgias as soon as you receive or make the first phone call!

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