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Account ownershipUpdated 3 months ago

The account owner is established upon account creation with the email address used to configure the account. A Gorgias account can only have one Account Owner and you can't delete the Account Owner user nor downgrade their role from Admin.

Transfer account ownership

Current Account Owner can transfer ownership

1. The current Account Owner should navigate to Settings -> Users & Teams -> Users.

2. Click on the user you want to set as the account owner.

3. Click Set As Account Owner in the top right and confirm the change.

Current Account Owner can't transfer ownership

If the account owner left the company and you'd like to transfer ownership to another user, please request this by sending us an email at [email protected] and CCing the account owner as well as all the other Admins on the account. 

Once all the Admins confirm and if the Account Owner doesn't contest this decision, ownership can be transferred. 

If there aren't any other active Admins on the account or they don't respond to the email thread, the case will be reviewed by Gorgias managers.

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