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Facebook & Messenger

Connect your Facebook and Instagram

Connecting your Facebook and Instagram business pages is just a couple of clicks away! You can add one or multiple pages to Gorgias and manage these social conversations right from your helpdesk.How it worksFor the connected Facebook and Instagram pa

Facebook comments, recommendations and ad comments

Once you integrate your Facebook business page with Gorgias, you will be able to manage and reply to your customers' FB comments from inside your Gorgias dashboard. To integrate Facebook with Gorgias please refer to this guide here.How it worksIf you

Messenger Customer Chat plugin

Website visitors can use customer chat to talk with the merchant on Messenger without leaving the store. If the visitor leaves, the conversation continues on Messenger.It’s a win-win for customers and merchants. Customers no longer have to leave thei

Troubleshooting Facebook and Instagram

Here you'll find solutions for the most common issues reported for the Facebook integration. 1. Go to Settings -> App Store -> My Apps -> Facebook, Messenger & Instagram -> your Facebook integration. 2. Click on the Reconnect button. Follow the steps