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Bulk actionsUpdated 4 months ago

Bulk actions give you the ability to update more than one ticket in the same way with just a few clicks. 

You can apply bulk actions on as many tickets as you want - it takes us approximately one minute to process 100 tickets.

Bulk actions enable you to:

  • Close/Open tickets
  • Assign tickets to yourself/other agents/other teams
  • Apply Macros
  • Mark tickets as read/unread
  • Export tickets
  • Delete tickets


1. Open up the View containing the tickets that you want the bulk action to affect.

2. Select several tickets or all of them and pick the action you'd like to take from the dropdown.

If you have more tickets in the View than can fit on one page, you'll get the option to only apply the action to ones on that page or all of them in the entire View.

Once you start a bulk action in your Helpdesk, you won't be able to run a new one until the current one is completed.

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