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Creating and managing tickets

Creating and managing tickets is a vital part of Gorgias and is what helps you handle your customers' queries. The video below will walk you through some of the basics when it comes to creating and managing tickets using the helpdesk.Familiarize your

How to handle incoming tickets

Every customer interaction is important, therefore every interaction is resulting in a new ticket on your Gorgias Helpdesk.If a customer writes an email, or contact you via chat, or comments on one of your Facebook posts - all those actions will crea

Assign tickets

Check out how to get around tickets and assign them to the right agent in the following video:How it worksHere's how to manually modify the assignee user for any ticket.Assign a ticket to an agentSometimes you will need to transfer a ticket to anothe

Other ticket management features

Now that you know how to create and reply to tickets, here are some other helpdesk features that will help you improve your daily ticket handling workflow.How it worksWithin any Gorgias ticket, you can choose to:Snooze the ticketMerge ticketsCheck ti

Auto-assign and auto-unassign tickets

With these features you can automate ticket assignment for all of the available agents in your Gorgias account.Team auto-assignmentWhen the auto-assign tickets feature setting is enabled:- unassigned tickets for selected channels will not appear in t

Bulk actions

Bulk actions give you the ability to update more than one ticket in the same way with just a few clicks. For example, if you want to send the same reply to all of the tickets inside of a view, you can select all of them at once and apply the same mac

Internal Notes

Internal notes are messages on tickets that are only visible to your team and not to the customer. You can use them to collaborate on a ticket and on a ticket. Internal notes are easily spotted in tickets because they have an orange background as sho

Keyboard shortcuts

You can navigate Gorgias like a pro using some helpful keyboard shortcuts!Did you ever wonder how to scroll through tickets without having to go back to the view? How to undo a sent message on chat where you made a typo? Or maybe you just want to be