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Create a ticket

A ticket is a customer's request raised to seek help in resolving issues concerning services, and products, or to respond to any questions they might have. The ticket could be raised via any of your support channels (Email, Chat, social media, SMS, e

Handle incoming tickets

If a customer writes an email, contacts you via Chat, or comments on one of your Facebook posts - as well as reaches out via a bunch of other channels we have available - all those actions will create a ticket in your Gorgias helpdesk. In Gorgias, we

Assign tickets manually

Check out how to get around tickets and assign them to the right agent in the following video:How it worksHere's how to manually modify the assignee user for any ticket.Assign a ticket to an agentSometimes you will need to transfer a ticket to anothe

Other ticket management features

By clicking on the three dots in the top right of any ticket, you'll find the following options:. You can merge tickets about the same issue from the same customer to keep the conversation flow easier. Check out our article on merging tickets here. T

Snooze tickets

Besides being set as Open or Closed, tickets can be Snoozed as well. This feature is used when you're expecting a response from your customer, or a different team, or if you need to follow up with your customer, but you don't want those tickets open

Merge tickets

You can merge tickets about the same issue from the same customer to keep the conversation flow easier. Below you'll find steps on how to manually merge tickets. If you want to enable auto-merge function, follow the steps listed in this article. 1. G

Auto-assign and auto-unassign tickets

With these features you can automate ticket assignment for all of the available agents in your Gorgias account.Team auto-assignmentWhen the auto-assign tickets feature setting is enabled:- unassigned tickets for selected channels will not appear in t

Bulk actions

Bulk actions give you the ability to update more than one ticket in the same way with just a few clicks. You can apply bulk actions on as many tickets as you want - it takes us approximately one minute to process 100 tickets. Bulk actions enable you


You can export some statistics from your Statistics page or tickets from your helpdesk into a CSV file using bulk actions. Each row of the file will contain information about the ticket, including the Tags, the related satisfaction survey, and other

Internal Notes

Internal notes in tickets are messages only visible to your team and not to the customer. You can use them to collaborate directly on tickets by simply messaging back and forth or mentioning Users directly. 1. Click on the channel icon and select Int

Keyboard shortcuts

You can also navigate Gorgias using some keyboard shortcuts - here's where you can find the full shortcuts cheat sheet:. 1. Click on your name in the bottom left corner of your helpdesk. 2. Choose Learn -> Keyboard shortcuts.

Tickets auto-merge

The auto-merge function is the best way to prevent customers from creating multiple tickets and avoid having multiple agents addressing the same issue. This way you can configure the merge logic to best suit your needs, without having agents do it ma