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Chat Privacy PolicyUpdated 3 months ago

Clear and visible privacy policies are a staple in having a trustworthy brand which is why you can lay out your privacy disclosures to your shoppers the moment they open the Chat.

You can fully customize the text of the disclaimer to reflect your unique privacy policy. The text can be formatted and include hyperlinks to share more details about your policy. 

If your Chat is set up as a multi-language feature, you can set a unique disclaimer for each version to ensure all shoppers understand it - that way you can also ensure that you comply with local data privacy laws.


1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> Chat -> your Chat integration -> Preferences.

2. Enable the Display privacy policy disclaimer toggle and you'll immediately see its placement in the preview on the right-hand side.

3. Add the text of your choice, choose a default one, or use the hyperlink option to link your full Privacy policy and/or Terms of Service from your website. 

4. If you need to customize it for other languages, click on the Customize Translations option and you'll be taken to the Language tab where you can select the language that you want to customize. 

5. Once you've selected the language and customized it, make sure to click Save Changes before moving to the next language.

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