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Set up Chat

Chat allows customers to get in touch with your business without needing to send an email or wait long for a reply. When working on a Chat ticket, you'll see additional buttons below your text input field that will let you insert bold, underlined, an

Gorgias Chat FAQs

Chat may no longer appear on your store if you recently changed your Shopify theme. When your theme changes, the code that adds Gorgias chat to the page may have been affected or overwritten. The best way to add Chat to your Shopify store is to use t

Chat Visibility

The Chat widget is visible by default once installed, but this can be changed by adjusting the visibility settings. There are 4 options to choose from:. 1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> Chat -> your Chat integration -> Preferences. 2. Under Visibilit

Email capture

Email capture is an email address prompt that influences how customers interact with Chat when starting a conversation for the first time. The email capture prompt is sent from the account's bot and includes the automated indicator. There are 3 setti

Dynamic wait time

With the queue system (dynamic wait time), your chatters will know how long they'll most likely have to wait for a reply back from an agent via Chat which helps set the right expectations for your customers. The estimated wait time is the median firs

Quick Replies

If your customers are asking similar questions over and over again, you can configure chat quick replies.Please just keep in mind that only Admin users can access these settings, as per the user permissions table here.How it worksWhen a customer star

Live and offline mode

Modes determine how customers interact with your Chat widget which is important as it sets the expectation for reply times from your team. Gorgias Chat has 2 modes:. Gorgias will automatically switch between live and offline mode depending on your Ch

Offline Capture

The Offline Capture feature in Chat is a way to collect customer inquiries when your shop is offline - it's mandatory for all Gorgias users when Chat isn't active after business hours. It sets better expectations for the customer and makes it easier

Automatic Online/Offline Status

Offline mode is when live Chat conversations aren't available but your customers can still reach out via Chat through offline capture where they can expect a reply by email. During business hours, when all your agents are set as unavailable (indicate

Video in Gorgias Chat

Gorgias Chat supports embedding videos at the end of Chat messages and Campaigns. The customer will be able to play the video directly in the Chat widget or from the campaign bubble with one click (autoplay isn't currently available). If you insert a

Chat Campaigns

Gorgias has two types of Campaigns:. Under Convert -> your chat integration -> Campaigns, you can filter your campaigns by Active or Inactive, use the search engine to find the campaign you're looking for, sort them by name, and preview them by hover

Multi-Language Support

The Chat can be displayed to different customers in different languages, allowing you to support your shoppers worldwide in a single widget. Our Chat will automatically detect shoppers' browser default language and configure campaigns and flows in th

Require Automated Interaction

Once this option is enabled, your customers will have to go through an automated interaction before they'll be able to send you a message via Chat. For example, they'll be prompted to use the Flows and they'll be able to send a Chat message or offlin

Chat Transcript

If the customer closes the Chat widget and misses your message, you have the option to have the transcript automatically sent to them 30 minutes after the last message in the conversation. They can reply to the email to continue the conversation in t

Chat Privacy Policy

Clear and visible privacy policies are a staple in having a trustworthy brand which is why you can lay out your privacy disclosures to your shoppers the moment they open the Chat. You can fully customize the text of the disclaimer to reflect your uni

Chat size and weight information

We work hard to decrease Gorgias Chat's impact on website loading times - it currently affects the performance score by only 3 points. The Google Lighthouse Performance score is a weighted average of the metric scores used to calculate a page's speed

Install Campaign bundle

Installing Campaign bundle is mandatory so your Chat Campaigns can remain active and visible to your customers. This Campaign bundle was previously contained in the Chat installation package, but we decided to separate it to increase security. Steps.