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CX Performance TipsUpdated 5 months ago

This feature empowers you to unlock the power of benchmarking for continuous improvements - you can measure, compare, and gain valuable insights by evaluating your support performance against other merchants on the same plan and with similar resources.

By leveraging these insights from the Overview page, you can pinpoint areas for improvement, learn from top performers, and take your customer service to the next level.

Since the main goal is to improve the customer experience, performance tips focus on the following metrics: 

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • First Response Time (FRT)
  • Resolution Time (RT)
  • Messages per Ticket

The comparison is made directly between your live data and the monthly average performance of other merchants who are on the same plan as you. We don't take into consideration your industry or the current channel you've selected.

This approach ensures that the comparisons and tips provided are relevant and tailored specifically to your plan and resources.

Metrics definition

  • You're doing great - in the top 10% of merchants
  • You're doing good - between the average and 90% percentile
  • Room for improvement - below the average

Metrics numbers

  • Customer satisfaction - higher is better 
  • First Response Time - lower is better
  • Resolution Time - lower is better
  • Messages per ticket - lower is better
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