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Support performance 101

This category provides statistics about your tickets and can be segmented using filter. Related articles.


In the Overview section, you will see a graph for:. You can also hover over the small 'i' icon next to the metric name for a reminder of what the graph is showing exactly. The resolution time and the first response time are shown in percentiles, grap


The Tags section in Statistics will show you how many tickets were created during a specific time period that have a certain tag attached to them. Here you can also download a CSV of this data using the icon on the right-hand side. You can also use t


When you want to get a clear overview of your ticket volume based on the different communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Comments, Email, Chat, etc., this is the section you will want to dive into. As of now, you will also have


The Agents section of Statistics will show you how many tickets were closed by each agent during this period. You can hover over each day in the graph and see the breakdown per agent for the day. You can also see each agent's satisfaction rating if y

Satisfaction (CSAT)

Another useful addition to Statistics is the Customer Satisfaction Survey and using it will give you great insight into how your agents are responding to inquiries and what exactly needs to get better. Feel free to grab more details here. In the Sati


Revenue statistics allow you to measure how much money your support team is generating by helping customers through the purchasing journey. To get familiar with this feature in a bit more detail, please visit our Revenue statistics guide. Revenue sta