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Legacy reports

Reports that still rely on the old analytics system.

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Support performance 101

This category provides statistics about your tickets and can be segmented using filter. Related articles. You can apply for the Support Masterclass here. Last reviewed Wed, 1 Nov 23 by Nikola Stevanovic


We have been working for a while on how to improve the way we calculate and provide information in an insightful way to you. We wanted to provide you with a statistics overview that gives you more information about your CX at a glance and helps you m

CX Performance Tips

This feature empowers you to unlock the power of benchmarking for continuous improvements. With CX Performance Tips, you have the ability to measure, compare, and gain valuable insights by evaluating your support performance against other merchants o

Agents Performance report

The Statistics Agents Performance report helps team leaders assess the effectiveness and efficiency of their customer support team within a specific time frame.Through detailed metric comparisons of individual performance, team leaders can optimize t

Ticket Fields Report

Your Ticket Fields Statistics will be located in the Statistics Tab -> Ticket Insights -> Ticket Fields. This report contains 3 graphs and charts that will help you get an overview of the most common values for a given ticket field and their evolutio