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Legacy reports

Reports that still rely on the old analytics system.

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Support Performance Statistics

This section of Statistics provides insight into the performance of your entire Support team, taking a look at the general Overview, Agents, Busiest times of days, Channels, Satisfaction, and the Help Center for a complete picture of the Support you

Ticket Insights Statistics

This section of Statistics provides insight into ticket aspects like Ticket Fields, Tags, Macros, and Intents - components of tickets that provide more information about the type of ticket it is and the pre-made responses to them. This report contain

Agent Performance report

The Statistics Agents Performance report helps team leaders assess the effectiveness and efficiency of their customer support team within a specific time frame. Through detailed metric comparisons of individual performance, team leaders can optimize

How Metrics are Calculated

This is a breakdown of the various metrics talked about in our statistics - what they are and how they're calculated. Sign up for our Masterclass on Statistics. We often mention the median - while the average is the sum of all values divided by the n


If you want to find out why a metric has a certain value, you can see the tickets that were used in computing. The drill-down feature is available for all metrics in the Support Performance Overview. The numbers will turn blue on hover. When you clic

CX Performance Tips

This feature empowers you to unlock the power of benchmarking for continuous improvements - you can measure, compare, and gain valuable insights by evaluating your support performance against other merchants on the same plan and with similar resource

Help Center Statistics

This report enables you to optimize content, explore popular queries and search trends, amplify user experience, and make informed, data-driven decisions. Navigate to Statistics -> Support Performance -> Help Center and pick a time period. It'll be a