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Default View and Team for VoiceUpdated 3 months ago

Each time a new phone number is created on your account, several additional elements are automatically created.

TypeName formatLocation on your account
ViewPhone - (xxx) xxx-xxxxTickets -> View sidebar to the left
TeamPhone team - (xxx) xxx-xxxxSettings -> Users & Teams -> Ticket assignment


By default, the View filters are set to show Voice tickets created by the specific number (inbound and outbound), where the channel is Voice and the status is Open. This can be customized at any time.


By default, the team includes only the team member who set up the Voice channel. This team is used by the routing settings to assign Voice tickets for inbound calls.

Remember to add any agents who will be handling phone calls to this team so the calls can be successfully routed to them:

1. Go to Settings -> Users & Teams -> Teams -> Team you'd like to edit.

2. Click on Add team member in the upper right corner to add new members.

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