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Voice Add-on 101

The Voice Add-on is a supplementary subscription for Gorgias account holders. This subscription gives you access to the Gorgias Voice channel, allowing you to create phone numbers, answer incoming customer calls, and make outbound calls from your hel

Voice FAQs

Can we mute phone call notifications without declining the call?. Not currently. This can currently only be done by changing the assigned agent in the ticket. Your greeting message can now be longer than 30 seconds, but not over 2 MB, and doesn't pla

Voice Troubleshooting

Please refresh your browser to reset the connection. 1. From your Gorgias account, click the button next to the page URL. 2. Click on Site settings.3. Check if your microphone permissions have been allowed and, if not, set them to Allow. Please resta

Receive inbound calls

When a customer calls your phone number, a banner will appear at the bottom of your helpdesk for your agents who can then choose to accept or decline the call. To receive calls in Gorgias, an agent must be set as Available in the bottom left corner.

Make outbound calls

Using this method will automatically create a new ticket with the outbound call, regardless of the current screen that the agent is on. 1. Go to a ticket where the relevant customer has been set. 2. Click the phone number you wish to call in their pr

Availability per country

Voice and SMS are only available for certain countries and number types - check the table below for info on this.

Call recording

Call recording is a feature of the Voice integration. When call recording is enabled, calls can be manually or automatically recorded - they can also be manually started and paused by agents for ongoing calls. When the call ends, call recordings are

Call routing and ringing behavior

Call routing refers to ticket assignment for Voice tickets - the way calls are received and assigned depends on ringing behavior settings in your account. By default, a Team named as your phone number will be created and set as the Team the calls nee

Default View and Team for Voice

Each time a new phone number is created on your account, several additional elements are automatically created. By default, the View filters are set to show Voice tickets created by the specific number (inbound and outbound), where the channel is Voi

Voice tickets and events

Voice tickets don't have messages, they only have events - this changes the way they're handled by Rules and Views. To reorder Voice tickets in a View, use Ticket created and Ticket updated. Attributes like New message in ticket won't work as Voice t

Phone policy

Gorgias doesn't own phone numbers - this service is provided by Twilio as a 3rd-party service provider - so the content that runs through it needs to be per the Twilio Terms of Service and Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy which includes the Twilio Mess

Putting callers on hold

During the call, the agent can place the caller on hold by clicking on the pause button in the call bar at the bottom of the screen. Hold button will be available during the inbound and outbound calls. During the hold, the agent and the caller won't

Transfer the call

With Call Transfer between users, agents can escalate live calls to supervisors or teammates when specialized assistance is needed. This enhances the efficiency of your support operations and improves customer satisfaction. The transfer button is loc

KYC registration of UK numbers

By September 30, 2024, all UK numbers in Gorgias will have to be registered to keep the option of outbound calls and SMS. Passed that date, non-verified numbers will be able to receive calls and SMS, but won't be allowed to make calls, return missed