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Duplicate an orderUpdated 4 months ago

Existing BigCommerce orders can be duplicated from within Gorgias, without needing to open a new tab/window. You can both create an exact duplicate, or duplicate and then modify the new order for your customer. 

The following adjustments are available with this action:

  • Add or remove products from an order

  • Adjust product quantity

  • Apply product-level or order-level discounts

  • Update billing and shipping addresses


1. Open or navigate to a ticket for the relevant customer with a BigCommerce profile.

2. In the BigCommerce widget, click Duplicate order.3. Enter order details.

4. Select Draft or Paid order type.

When creating a draft order, the cart URL can be shared with the customer directly - this URL will appear in the BigCommerce widget once the draft order is created.5. Select a currency (multicurrency stores only).

6. Select/edit products or add a new product.

7. (Optional) Edit/add a discount and/or a coupon code.
8. Edit/add shipping method.9. Edit/select or create a new address and set a billing address.

10. (Optional) Edit/add notes and comments.

11. Click Create draft/paid order - if successful, the order will appear in the BigCommerce widget immediately.

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