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Exclude tickets from receiving the Satisfaction survey (CSAT)Updated 3 months ago

The Exclude ticket from CSAT Action, when triggered, prevents a CSAT survey from being sent to the customer when their ticket is closed. 

You can exclude integrations, customers, Tags, languages, etc. from receiving a survey.


You can add the Exclude ticket from CSAT Action to a Macro to exclude tickets manually by going to Settings -> Productivity -> Macros.

This way, your agents can manually choose which ticket will be excluded from CSAT by applying a Macro to it. 

It's always a good idea to have a dedicated Tag following this Macro Action so you can track all the tickets it was used on.


You can create a CSAT exclusion Rule by going into Settings -> Productivity -> Rules and adding the EXCLUDE TICKET FROM CSAT condition.

This video shows how you can create a Rule that will exclude a ticket from receiving a survey if you add the exclude Tag to the ticket in question.

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