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Satisfaction survey (CSAT) 101

Customer satisfaction ratings are one of the best ways to determine how well your team is supporting your customers. Take a look at the video or at screenshots below to learn more about this feature in Gorgias and how to set it up.Please note that th

Report on satisfaction survey CSAT results

Satisfaction survey statistics allow you to measure how good the support your team is providing over time is, how many surveys have been sent, the response rate, the average scores, and more. Under Statistics -> Support Performance -> Satisfaction, y

Enable or disable the Satisfaction survey (CSAT)

You can navigate to Settings -> Account -> Satisfaction survey to enable or disable the Satisfaction survey on your account. 1. Set up when the survey will be sent after the ticket has been closed. 2. Choose the channels for which the survey will be

Exclude tickets from receiving the Satisfaction survey (CSAT)

The Exclude ticket from CSAT Action, when triggered, prevents a CSAT survey from being sent to the customer when their ticket is closed. You can exclude integrations, customers, Tags, languages, etc. from receiving a survey. You can add the Exclude t