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Fireside ChatsUpdated 16 days ago

Fireside Chats is a series of webinars for merchants that feature candid interviews and live Q&A with current e-commerce business and industry experts and agencies. The topics range from strategies to boost efficiency, to exploring integrations and everything in between.

Upcoming sessions

Prep your Help Center for AI Agent

Original broadcast scheduled for 05/21/2024

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Hear from merchants who have high performing Help Centers, and have worked with AI Agent (alpha and beta) in this special event:

  • Merchant guest-speakers: Love in Faith, Beekman 1802 and Love Wellness
  • Learn the function of Help Centers in the emergent AI landscape
  • Gain insight into the upcoming AI Agent feature
  • Get your specific questions answered during dedicated Q&A time

Past sessions

Past sessions of the Fireside Chats can be viewed on-demand below, depending on the topic you're interested in.

3 Missed opportunities in your CX

Original broadcast from 06/03/2024

Watch now

Learn the many ways to wield Gorgias Convert to drive sales, engagement, and an enhanced customer experience. 


  • Matthew Shinn (Gorgias)
  • Audrey Saleh (Gorgias)

Anchored in Efficiency

Original broadcast from 22/02/2023

Watch now

Hear how two top e-commerce brands optimize their support teams during lean times and gain valuable insight from Robert Durrette (Ridgeline Agency) about strategies to get the most out of your tech stack.


  • Matthew Shinn (Gorgias)
  • Robert Durrette (Ridgeline Agency)
  • Deja Jefferson (My Topical)
  • Kelsie Karlsen (White and Warren)

Mastered the Metrics

Original broadcast from 22/03/2023

Watch now

Deep dive into data with Dave Bochetto (Atidiv) as he walks through his playbook for meaningful reporting, and hear how Sarah Azzaoui (Clove) uses metrics to prove the impact of customer support.

A free copy of the Gorgias Statistics playbook by David Bochetto is included with the registration.


  • Matthew Shinn (Gorgias)
  • David Bochetto (Atidiv)
  • Sarah Azzoui (Clove)

Integrated for Success

Original broadcast from 16/05/2023

Watch now

Everything about integrating your favorite apps with Gorgias to maximize the efficiencies of your support team, making the most out of every minute. Hear from Ash Tenorio (KOS) and Leeor Cohen (Create CX) as they discuss their experiences from the perspective of a merchant, as well as an agency partner.


  • Matthew Shinn (Gorgias)
  • Ash Tenorio (KOS)
  • Leeor Cohen (Create CX)

Future of CX

Original broadcast from 30/08/2023

Watch now

Learn how to navigate and harness emergent AI-driven technologies that are rapidly changing the ways CX can work smarter not harder. Hear from Diana Khramina (Chief of Staff) and Thomas Trinelle (Product Team Lead) to learn about AI-driven tools already at your disposal, as well as forecast the future ways these technologies will lead the evolution of eCommerce.

A free copy of The Future of Support is Automated: How to Automate 30%+ of Support Tickets by Diana Khramina is included with the registration.


  • Matthew Shinn (Gorgias)
  • Diana Khramina (Gorgias)
  • Thomas Trinelle (Gorgias)

BFCM Secrets Revealed

Original broadcast from 16/10/2023

Watch now

Prepare for 2024's Black Friday + Cyber Monday rush with guides on optimizing your Gorgias account along with optimizing your operations to accommodate the imminent influx of tickets. 

Bri Christiano (Director of Support) details every aspect of optimizing your Gorgias account so that your team stays ahead of the curve. Natalie Barton (CSM/PSM) takes us on a journey through ensuring your processes outside of Gorgias are attuned with your goal to stay ahead on tickets while delivering five-star support.


  • Matthew Shinn (Gorgias)
  • Bri Christiano (Gorgias)
  • Natalie Barton (Gorgias)
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