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Assign ticketsUpdated 2 years ago

Check out how to get around tickets and assign them to the right agent in the following video:

How it works

Here's how to manually modify the assignee user for any ticket.

Assign a ticket to an agent

Sometimes you will need to transfer a ticket to another agent. To do this follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Click on the ticket.
  1. Click on the current assignee name.
  1. Select the person you want to assign.

Well done!

Assign a ticket to yourself

If you want to assign ticket to yourself if the ticket is unassigned or assigned to someone else, please follow the steps from bellow:

Clear the assignee user (Unassign the ticket)

If you want to unassign a ticket just follow the steps from bellow:

You can also assign a ticket to a team following the exact same steps!

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