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Import dropdown values from a CSV fileUpdated 2 months ago

You can import the dropdown options of your Ticket Fields from a CSV file by clicking the Import From CSV button when editing or creating a dropdown field. You’ll be prompted with a small dialog to drag and drop or select a CSV file to import.
If you’re not sure where to start with your dropdown options, you can download the CSV template from the dialog and get started with that.

Create a hierarchy

For a field called Contact Reason with these top categories: Pre-sale, Order, Fulfilment, Shipping, Warranty & Damage, and Exchange/Return, with sub-categories for each one, the CSV file would look like this:

File format and template

The file must be a CSV file saved as a UTF-8 - the following rows are the actual values that need to be imported.

The file can't contain:

  • duplicates
  • more than 2000 values
  • any value with more than 5 levels (= 5 columns in the CSV)

Download a formatted example

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