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Ticket Fields

Ticket Fields 101

Ticket Fields are customizable properties of a ticket through which you can summarise a conversation in a structured way to get actionable insights that will help you improve the buying experience, spot quality issues faster, reduce costs, and boost

Types of Ticket Fields

There are 4 types of Ticket Fields - Dropdown, Number, Text, and Yes/No. If you want your agents to only be able to select from a set list of values, use the Dropdown field type. Dropdown specificities:. Dropdown best practices:. The Number field typ

Ticket Field best practices

The best way to get quality data is to use the dropdown field - it corresponds to a question you’re asking, and the values are the possible answers. For example, if you want to reply to the question "What are the main reasons our customers contact us

Set up Ticket Fields

1. Go to Settings -> Productivity -> Ticket Fields. 2. Click on Create Field in the top right. 3. Pick a Name and Description for your Ticket Field. 4. Check if you'd like for your Ticket Fields to be mandatory by ticking the Required to close ticket

Import dropdown values from a CSV file

You can import the dropdown options of your Ticket Fields from a CSV file by clicking the Import From CSV button when editing or creating a dropdown field. You’ll be prompted with a small dialog to drag and drop or select a CSV file to import.If you’

Managed Ticket Fields

To help you structure your data to gather actionable insights about your customer experience (with help from AI, when possible), we have 3 e-commerce-specific Ticket Fields:. You can customize these managed fields by changing their description and va

Contact Reason AI-Powered Suggestions

If you're using Contact Reason as a managed Ticket Field, we'll pre-fill the field for you based on gathered AI learnings. Contact Reason is a custom field designed for e-commerce purposes - it allows customers to specify the reason for their contact

Ticket Fields in Rules

You can automatically set the value in your existing Ticket Field via Rules by going to Settings -> Productivity -> Rules, then clicking on Create Rule in the top right corner and Create Custom Rule in the same place. After setting the conditions, ch