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Ticket fields 101

Ticket fields are customisable properties of a ticket that give you the ability to summarise a conversation in a structured way. With this structured and accurate data, you will be able to generate actionable insights to help you improve the buying e

Set up ticket fields

Are you familiar with the concept of ticket fields? If not, check this article!. *Note: please keep in mind that this feature is still in Beta testing phase. Go to settings > Data > Ticket fields, then click on “create a field”. With our newest updat

Import dropdown values from a CSV file

To do so, when editing or creating a dropdown field, simply click the Import From CSV button:. You’ll be prompted with a small dialog to drag and drop or select a CSV file to import. If you’re not sure of where to start with for your dropdown options

Create advanced reports using ticket fields

Note: if you are on an Enterprise plan, you can reach out to your CSM and ask to have some graphs built for you in your custom dashboard. All active custom fields will be appended as column on the right side of the export file. We suggest that you bu